Top list of must have high heels shoes designs

Top list of must have high heels shoes designs

The right pair of high heels shoes can make both your walk and your look confident. What kind of heels are hot this season? Please update now to have trendy look.

Paul Morris, a psychology researcher at the University of Portsmouth, argues that high heels accentuate “sex specific aspects of female gait”, artificially increasing a woman’s femininity. Respectively, the arching of a woman’s back facilitated by wearing high heels signals a woman’s willingness to be courted by a man.

Top must have high heels shoes – Kitten Shoes

Top must have high heels - Kitten Shoes
Top must have high heels – Kitten Shoes

Once considered a “grandma shoe” style, the Kitten Heel is now revived thanks to its comfort. It has a height of about 3-4cm, various designs with straps or without straps. It is even designed in the style of sandals. With a modest height, kitten heels are also a good choice for those who are afraid of being too tall but still want to wear high heels to improve their gait.

Chunky heel

Shoe Chunky heel  are famous for their ease of walking and great versatility. You can bring them to work, go out. However, girls with small stature may be a bit picky about this shoe style. Because the sole is too rough can make you look “out of balance”.

Slingback Shoes

Slingback has a maximum height of 5cm and a rounded or pointed nose. The special feature of this shoe is the open heel. It has a strap that loops over the heel, revealing the heel. Slingback heels are suitable for whom

Mule Shoes

These are closed or open-toed, open-heeled shoes with high or low soles. A shoe that’s especially easy to slip on when you’re folding.

Ankle Strap

In the 50s, wearing ankle straps was a way for women to express femininity. This type of shoe also helps to lengthen the leg very effectively.

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