Adios bitchachos cactus shirt and long sleeve tee

Adios bitchachos cactus shirt

Adios bitchachos cactus. Looks like the finger but it’s a cactus lol! Need to say goodbye in another language? How about a custom sign! Adios bitchachos and puns two of my most favourite things. What an awesome way to say bye. Order this shirt today if you want it.

Adios bitchachos cactus shirt

We are moving back to indiana! Aaron is being transferred with Cook Medical to take care of the Louisville, ky territory. We are so excited to be only a couple hours away from family & start a new adventure in the city of Sellersburg.

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Adios bitchachos cactus lady shirt
lady shirt

Our 2 years in Wisconsin have been so rewarding. I love the life we created in Milwaukee, I will miss my job, house, neighborhood and specially my friends very much. We will be back! Adios bitchachos cactus. Special thanks to my husband for working so hard to create the life of our dreams! AJ and I love you so much.  Nice! You’re moving to my neck of the woods (and no, that idiom still doesn’t make sense having lived here). Louisville will love you three.Happy for you…but sad for me. Wine date before you leave please!! When are you moving?

Adios bitchachos cactus lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Adios bitchachos cactus long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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