Aku Uka Aku Uka Crash Bandicoot shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Aku Uka Aku Uka Crash Bandicoot shirt

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Aku Uka Aku Uka Crash Bandicoot shirt

Ya last I looked when i was invited into a strangers home out of kindness I didn’t make demands. I was polite and thanked them for their hospitality! I didn’t steal bread off the table or break into their house and expect them to take care of me.

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I hope you shut the government down not the miitary pay or the elderly’s social security — for the rest, send them home. You don’t need your government salary, so let the rest of the government shut down. It will be a peaceful Christmas in D.C. for a change! Aku Uka Aku Uka Crash Bandicoot. Stand Strong! So proud that finally have a President who stands strong on what’s best for America! And one that has common sense that is not driven by the political insanity that we are seeing displayed. I am so thankful you stepped up and took in the job as being this country’s President! You’re doing an amazing job.

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