Alexis EW David shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Alexis EW David shirt

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Alexis EW David shirt

Protected wolves are being slaughtered. I just saw a horrific picture of a mother fox and her babies two pictures. One of them all alive and the next of the slain mother laid out and her tiny babies.

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Ever heared of scarab? Alexis EW David. The sun beetle from ancient times? Yes. lol this will be so much fun, you dont have to say jump. They will anyway if they dont know by now. So out of half a million US. Soldiers. You think how many go againgst god, and act against what is said on the american dollar note? Its official time to come out the closet. Confess shitfaces. I dont know if you will see this I am writing this about the Maj going thru all this for what happened in a combat zone that man should knot have any thing done to him we ask or young men and woman to put there life on the line and then the suits in DC question them on how they do there job why know take some of them and put them in the same situation that this young man was in and see how they handle it I for one will stand by him and all of or military that are over there protecting us thank you for you time.

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