American offended flakes shirt, v-neck, flowy tank

American offended flakes shirt
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The attack on America’s offended flakes shirt and history continues. This time it’s the Star Spangled Banner. A song that is a deep rooted part of American history. American offended flakes. People are asking themselves today why is there a social problem in today’s schools. I am an OLD MAN and in school each morning we had the Pledge Allegiance to the AMERICAN flag, a verse of scripture and we were taught the Songs, “America the Beautiful and the Battle Hymn of the Republic” , yes we even had to memorize Psalms 23 from the KJV.

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American offended flakes shirt


American offended flakes lady shirt
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However, a leadership adviser told the student newspaper that she agreed the national anthem is “problematic” and should have been removed. I can only wonder what Liberal Socialist, Social Justice garbage she is pumping into the children’s heads. They will not be leaders, they will be sheep, too worried about offending others to actually make the hard decision leadership demands. This is just another reason I saw the Liberal infested School System is no place for our children.

American offended flakes flowy tank
flowy tank
American offended flakes v-neck

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