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Arya Stark is the third and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark. As a girl with a strong personality, does not like women’s jobs and always wants to be a strong warrior. Arya Stark Air Jordan. After escaping Tywin Lannister’s hand and surviving the event of the Red Wedding, Arya fled to Braavos and trained into the Faceless at the Multifaceted Society, then she returned home and used close skills. My men take those who owe blood to the Stark family to permanent graves. The events in the film take place on the continents of Westeros and Essos, where the seasons can last for years, talking about the throne dispute (Iron Throne) bloody in a kingdom called Seven Kingdoms (Furniture). National). This kingdom occupies most of the area of ​​the Westeros continent (the remainder is the North Pole of Westeros not owned by any country). Since prehistoric times, Children of the Forest is the only resident of Westeros. They can use magic and worship Old Gods of the Forest, also known as Old Gods. About 12,000 years before the events in the film, First Man invaded Westeros, using bronze gas. The war between Children of the Forest and First Man lasted 2000 years, causing both sides to exhaust themselves, leading to a peace treaty between the two. For the next 2000 years, First Man began to build the first feudal states in the whole of Westeros, taking the Old Gods as the main religion. About 8000 years ago, a winter was described as a whole generation (The Long Night), accompanied by White Walker led by the Night King and the army of dead wights. White Walker is an entity Children of the Forest created from First Man prisoners in the previous war for the purpose of protecting them. White Walker went out of their control and invaded Westeros with the aim of turning this place into eternal winter and death. First Man and Children of the Forest allied themselves to push back the White Walker to the North Pole of Westeros.

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