Limited Edition Air Arya Stark Jordan Logo shirt, v-neck

Air Arya Stark Jordan Logo shirt

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With the fear that White Walker will once again come back, Brandon Stark the Builder (the grandfather of the Stark House) built The Wall, covering it with the magic that White Walker will never step over. OK. Residents could not move south until the wall was erected forever. They claim to be free men (Free Folks) but the people on the other side of the wall call them barbarians and call them “wildlings”. Throughout its history, The Wall is tied to Night’s Watch, a military force sworn to protect Seven Kingdoms from any forces on the other side of the wall. For the next 2000 years (known as Age of Heroes or Heroic Age because this is a time that many hero legends were born and established large families), First Man continued to develop, many lines they were gradually established like Stark’s House, Casterly House, Durrandon’s House. Air Arya Stark Jordan Logo. About 6000 years ago, the Andals from Essos, believed that they received prophecy from the God of Seven, had crossed the sea to invade Westeros. With strong iron weapons and cavalry, they conquered almost all of First Man’s land except the North. The Arryn house of the Andals killed all First Man who ruled The Vale and became new owners here, the other large families of First Man all surrendered and assimilated with the Andals through marriage. The Andal worshiped God of Seven or New Gods (also called Faith of Seven), so it gradually replaced Old Gods as the main religion in the entire South of Westeros, particularly the North and the wildlings were not assimilated so they still worship the Old Gods. In addition, the Andals opened the Children of the Forest massacre campaign, forcing them to flee north through The Wall with a very small amount remaining. Later, the Andals signed a peace treaty with the Northern people and embarked on building their kingdoms (from 6000 to 700 years ago). The kingdoms of Seven Kingdoms formed around 700 years before the events took place in the film. The name Seven Kingdoms comes from having seven kingdoms in parallel that existed before King Aegon I Targaryen united it (which took place about 300 years ago). Those seven kingdoms are ruled by seven major families including

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