BBQ Becky hope 911 shirt, flowy tank, unisex tank top

BBQ Becky hope 911 shirt

I am late in responding to this,’but I just saw that video of “BBQ Becky” calling the cops on the people bbqing at Lake Merritt. That is two blocks from my condo. BBQ Becky hope 911. I chose to live in Oakland because of the diversity. Where the heck did that woman come from? Buy this shirt now if you want it.

BBQ Becky hope 911 shirt

When I moved there in 2007 I loved the fact that I could walk around the lake on the weekend and see families and friends out enjoying themselves in some of the best weather in the Bay Area.

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BBQ Becky hope 911 guy shirt
guy shirt

And I’ll say it again the diversity! Who is this crazy woman calling the cops? She doesn’t look that old. I hope she’s not one of the numerous Google employees who have moved into the area. BBQ Becky hope 911. The people I’ve met from Google are young, hip and open-minded—and diverse. She may want to consider leaving town during Labor Day weekend, because that’s when the Oakland Art and Soul festival takes place—“Hello, 911, there are some funky grooves being played near the lake, and I heard some people speaking Spanish and Chinese.” Lady, get off of my lawn!

BBQ Becky hope 911 flowy tank
flowy tank
BBQ Becky hope 911 unisex tank top
tank top

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