BBQ Becky – Woman calls police shirt, hoodedsweatshirt and v-neck

BBQ Becky - Woman call police shirt

Pure gold, BBQ Becky shedding crocodile tears. She’s actually a teacher but I guess her feelings were hurt…. Smdh. Liberal trash. Buy this shirt now before lose it forever. My favorite. The one with the choir behind her)that says… There’s a,shift in the atmosphere. Yep bet she wishes she would have stayed in her!

BBQ Becky – Woman calls police shirt

BBQ Becky – Woman calls police. No, the woman that recorded the actual video will be compensated by Facebook. The woman that made the call is probably thinking about suicide. The students at her school are laughing at her and she will restrain from social media for a very long time. Her manly face should be known. She WILL learn to mind her business.

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BBQ Becky - Woman call police lady shirt
lady shirt

All of them!!! God don’t like ugly!! She at home crying like she was when the cop arrived lmaooooooo! We need to stop laughing at hate and harrassment, it seriously needs to stop, by force will be one of the ways, united and fighting, not giving them our services and our money is another, but it has to stop, and we need to focus on how to beat the oppressor’s and murder’s, and violater’s of our human rights to live in peace, this is way to much extra stress to deal with that we don’t need….. And also when we are harrassed like this charges should be filed, firing, lawsuiting, etc. Hit them back everytime, they have been getting away with their racist antics for too long…

BBQ Becky - Woman call police hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
BBQ Becky - Woman call police v-neck

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