Black girl magic shirt, sweatshirt, tank unisex

Black girl magic shirt

“Black women are told subliminally at every juncture that we’re “less than”. We’re not as “womanly”, not as beautiful, not as intelligent, and not as capable; to add insult to injury, we’re typically socialized (at least in North America) to not only be strong in the face of this sort of disrespect, but to suffer it silently.

Black girl magic shirt

This is *precisely* why we need to celebrate our “Black Girl Magic”, and it’s crazy that celebrating ourselves (especially given the context) is seen as negative or racist (read: anti-white).”

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When she created her vision for the story, DuVernay wanted Meg to have brown skin; and she wanted the magical guardians of Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which to vary in race, religion, body type and age. Essentially, she reshaped the narrative to represent perspectives that was missing (or ignored) in the original text. Through this reimagining of the story, black girls who watch the movie and read the book will see themselves as people who can save the world just by being themselves.

Black girl magic sweatshirt
Black girl magic tank unisex
tank unisex

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