Born To Kill Space Force shirt, hoodie, tank top

Born To Kill Space Force shirt

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Born To Kill Space Force shirt

Today, it’s political division, xenophobia, racial tension, gender inequality, the mistreatment of immigrants and those seeking asylum, police brutality, mass shootings, wage stagnation, and economism. Something to think about.

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Born To Kill Space Force tank top
tank top

How do we come together and make America’s future bright for all communities? Shouldn’t that be what patriotism is about? Making America the best she can be? I’m so sick of fighting for someone that will never make me happy. Born to kill space force. If someone can’t handle being with you anymore it’s okay to let them go. You don’t have to force them to be with you. That’s not fair when someone doesn’t respect your personal space. If you truly love someone and they don’t want to be with you. You need to let them go to live their life and be happy otherwise it’s just a power trip. Such true words , sometimes the dogs we get are scared , tired , broken with space and love they can blossom into wonderful dogs they just need time.

Born To Kill Space Force lady shirt
lady shirt
Born To Kill Space Force hoodie

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