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Caucasians shirt

I’m Caucasian so my opinion might not be as relevant as a native american’s on the subject but I think having a team named after indigenous people honors them in a way in the same way that Indian names of cities and states does: Miami, Cincinnati, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Sioux City, Idaho, Chicago, and thousands more honor them. Caucasians. Buy this shirt now and tell us your feel about that.

Caucasians shirt

I have to admit the shirt didnt bother me but after watching this i can now understand how the redskins logo and team name would be offensive to native americans. so kudos to this guy for bringing this to light in an intelligent way and educating me and i hope im not the only one that was educated by this.

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Caucasians lady shirt
lady shirt

As liberal as NYC is, there is still racism and trashy people in these streets. The amount of white privilege certain NYC neighborhoods ooze is disparaging. I think the shirt is funny really. This experiment would have been better if it was a Native American wearing it though. That would have been awesome. People record interactions with law enforcement, they record riots, they record robberies, they record everything to include little social experiments such as this. Caucasians. This guy couldn’t record these interactions? I find this hard to believe.

Caucasians tank top
tank top
Caucasians hoodie

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