Columbus was a Murderer shirt and youth tee

Columbus was a Murderer shirt
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Leftists on the Austin City Council and across America are attempting to rewrite history by claiming Columbus was a murderer, criminal, or worse. However, we here at The Trey Blocker Show will continue to celebrate Christopher Columbus for who he was – the man who played the single biggest role in bringing Western civilization to this continent, leading to the founding of our great nation. Columbus was a murderer. Buy this shirt and tell us your feel about that.

Columbus was a Murderer shirt

Not good for anyone. Austin is full of liberals who are on the City Council and are over regulating and overtaxing the homeowners. They spend unwisely and have no management skills. This renaming of Columbus Day did not get any citiZen input. The city is going down the tubes.

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Columbus was a Murderer guy shirt
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And let’s not forget about the liberal Dallas mayor and city council who had the nerve to rip out the Robert E Lee statue also with no citizen input funny how these statues never were a problem the eight years Obama was President and the other 80 years before. Columbus was a murderer. We have allowed to many people that aren’t true Texans to infiltrate our beloved state and now they want to ruin it just like they did wherever they came from. And being the nice friendly folks we have always been we allowed it.

Columbus was a Murderer youth tee
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Columbus was a Murderer lady shirt
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