Don’t be a salty bitch shirt, flowy tank and hooded sweatshirt

Don't be a salty bitch shirt

Salty bitch – someone who is butthurt at life in general. If you aren’t salty bitch, then this shirt is perfect for you. Order on Tashirts now, not sold in stores. Available on shirt, flowy tank, hooded sweatshirt, tank unisex, crewneck sweatshirt and more. Buy this shirt if you want it.

Don’t be a salty bitch shirt

Don’t be a salty bitch. A writer for Billboard described the track as a “full-on club banger with Spears giving fans the secret to her success”. Writing for MuuMuse, Bradley Stern complimented the song as a “thrilling, thunderously bold slice of forward-thinking dance-pop”.

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Don't be a salty bitch flowy tank
flowy tank

An analyst for PopJustice called the track “stunning”, and proposed that the melodious substance “has the correct disposition for a Blackout 2.0 kind of album”. Michael Cragg from The Guardian felt that “Work Bitch” is a “quite persevering invasion that mirrors pop’s present love for hurling in everything up to and including the kitchen sink”, yet felt that Spears’ identity “[made] beyond any doubt she hasn’t been completely wrecked by’s generation sledgehammer”. Chris Eggertsen from HitFix called that it was an “impeccable club track”, yet addressed how it would perform on standard radio. However, Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine gave a negative audit for the tune, opining that it “takes after the current EDM model of agonizingly forceful, treble-substantial beats, unforgiving synths, and tuneless snares, yet makes even “Shout and Shout” seem like a melodic feast”.

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Don't be a salty bitch hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
Don't be a salty bitch guy shirt
guy shirt

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