Don’t Smile At me Billie Eilish Vintage shirt, hoodie, v-neck

Don't Smile At me Billie Eilish Vintage shirt

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Don’t Smile At me Billie Eilish Vintage shirt

The democrats the last 8 year sold out our countries. For years during bush, obama, clinton we been kissing china ass. It trump that finally told china american is not going to be taken advantage off. You idiot bias democrate. 

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Depends where the coal is unloaded some goes directly from the gulf thru panama and on to china some goes to the west coast and then to china. I don’t have to see something with my own eyes to know whether it’s true or not. I’ve never been to the moon yet I know it’s not made of green cheese. I believe you over the loser who try to correct you. Don’t Smile At me Billie Eilish Vintage. God bless Trump and help him to survive the negative people who are still upset Hillary lost! Jobs are booming again all around the Chicagoland area. Been tried up here sinse obumer was pres. You say our eco is hitting the skids, but yet you want open borders, giving jobs to illegals. And yet Trumps unemployment nymbers record low. Maybe if you all take your hate goggles off, you might see differently.

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