Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives shirt, v-neck, tank unisex

Dungeons Diners Dragons Drive Ins Dives shirt

Onion Powder created a hilarious Dungeons & Dragons parody illustration, a module for “Escape From Flavortown”, which takes place in the delicious game Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives, where adventurers battle a giant Guy Fieri dragon! Do you like it?

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Designer Erik Vogt brings together two of our favorite pastimes on a single shirt design. We’re looking forward to the episode where Guy Fieri goes up against a Mind Flayer in a spicy pepper eating contest. Also available on hoodies and prints. I’ve now seen the dungeons and diners and dragons and drive-ins and dives post at least 6 times and I love it more every time. I’ve been informed that the adventure will take place in the real life Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Time Square.

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Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives lady shirt
lady shirt
Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives tank unisex
tank unisex
Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives v-neck

We tasked our DM to create something after seeing the popular (this week) meme based on the television show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives…he did not disappoint! With a rampaging Gnome blasting items with a Wand of Construct you can challenge a single PC to make themselves a hero while fighting animated potatoes and much more! The adventure was written in 5th edition rules but is easily altered for any edition. While this can be used in a campaign, and it has a good concept, it was made as a tongue-in-cheek scenario just to have fun with!

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