Episode 1 Final Frame shirt, v-neck, flowy tank

Episode 1 Final Frame shirt

Last night, a Very Important Episode of This is Us aired. I recorded it. I’m not sure when I’ll watch, because I know it will break my heart and make me cry. I have to be in the right frame of mind to be tortured, and have plenty of tissues nearby. Do you like “Episode 1 Final Frame” shirt? Buy this shirt now and tell our your feel.

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Episode 1 Final Frame shirt

Episode 1 Final Frame flowy tank
flowy tank

I normally avoid shows and books that make me cry. And I mean seriously avoid. I don’t like to cry. It gives me a headache, and while some women might look sweetly vulnerable and feminine with tears in their eyes, I just look like a blubbery bag lady. I should have stopped watching this show last year, but I did not.

So here I am, putting off watching this recorded show that I both dread and look forward to. Call me a glutton for punishment. And for those of you who have already watched, NO SPOILERS, please. I’m sure I’m not the only one putting off the inevitable.

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My very first scene on House of Cards back in 2013 was with Reg E. (Freddy) and Frank Underwood in front of Freddy’s BBQ Joint Episode 1, Season 1 (very last scene of EP 1). Freddy had just served Frank some ribs, and Frank say’s “I’m feelin kinda hungry today.” I get the signal from Director David Fincher to start walking, and I’m the first pedestrian you see walk into frame as the camera pans back and Reg E. walks back into Freddy’s BBQ Joint (End ep 1, credits roll).

Episode 1 Final Frame guy shirt
guy shirt
Episode 1 Final Frame v-neck

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