Flossing Through The Snow Teeth shirt, hooded sweatshirt, sleeveless tee

Flossing Through The Snow Teeth shirt

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Flossing Through The Snow Teeth shirt

Our Great President is right about being tough on Border Security and China. Keep up the pressure Mr. President. This is what the majority of our Citizens want. Aren’t we done pissing away money on other countries we’ve protected or funded and then they kick us in the teeth? I don’t know why there can’t be fair trade with reciprocal terms.

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I think befriending the Chinese President is super smart! At a distance people may look like the enemy. But when we get to know each other we see that our opponent is human just like we are and has feelings and dreams and wishes as we do. Flossing Through The Snow Teeth. It is much better to have China as a friend than and adversary! Why isn’t Mexico paying for the wall? Why haven’t you built an inch of wall, but keep saying that construction has already started? Why won’t the Rethuglican majorities in the House and Senate give you the or the wall?

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