Fortnite Nike shirt, v-neck, youth tee

Fortnite Nike shirt

If you played save the world you’d understand why its a storm. Also you do realize the entire concept was stolen from a Japanese movie called…… Battleroyale? Fortnite Nike. Nothing about this was original there have been several books with the same set up. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Fortnite Nike shirt

So answer me this? How can the team that runs fortnite steal from their own game? Fortnite run the engine on pubg. Just because the games are similar doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same. You can only re-invent the wheel so many times.

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Fortnite Nike lady shirt
lady shirt

Benjamin Steiner Pubg “ripped off” other games concepts as well, such as H1ZI and DayZ, don’t come here on the premise that pubg was an original idea and the first game ever of it’s kind. Pubg just went the most commercial than the other similar games that came before, let’s not play “revisionist history”. Every game of this kind whether it’s on PS4, or mobile, there’s “pubg trolls” flooding the comments, calling that game a “ripoff” of pubg, but do you know your history?- do you know that YOUR game is also a rip-off of other games?

Fortnite Nike lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Fortnite Nike youth tee
youth tee

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