Fuck Off We’re Full New Zealand flag shirt, baseball tee, longsleeve tee

Fuck Off We're Full New Zealand flag shirt

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Fuck Off We’re Full New Zealand flag shirt

Mexico build that Wall yet? How about the stock market after the tax cuts? GM add jobs or cut jobs? Harley Davidson open a new plant here? Did those Carrier people keep their jobs? Did companies pay their workers or do buybacks? Mueller coming, it’s gonna be glorious.

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Just look at his shining face. Fuck Off We’re Full New Zealand flag. Looks like the used car salesman who just unloaded that POS Dodge Ram off the lot. Why not, he sure cut his taxes. Some see him as egotistical, I see him as someone who is sick and tired of seeing America going into the Sh*tter! I love his American pride and take no nonsense from anybody. We’ve needed this guy for a long time, someone with a backbone and he has it. I apologize for the democrats that lied and said people didn’t get a tax cut. It is absolutely clear that the democrats have lied at EVERY opportunity and it’s because they have been in desperate denial that their candidate did not win.

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