Full time Dad 24/7/365 shirt and hooded sweatshirt

Full time Dad 24/7/365 shirt

Do you love Dad? Or you are a perfect Dad? Then this shirt is for you. Buy it now. Not sold in stores, only available in few days on Tashirts. High quality with 100% cotton, more style and color vaerity that you choose. Buy it now before lose it forever.

Full time Dad 24/7/365 shirt

My Dad use to say: “Don’t be what people say you are” For example “3/5th Clause in the Constitution. What is it and why was it put in?” Full time Dad 24/7/365. It’s been justified by many, as necessary. My mother and father never led us to believe anyone; rich or poor was better than me and my Siblings….

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Full time Dad 24/7/365 lady shirt
lady shirt

I don’t think of myself as being “inferior to anyone” dead or alive….And I know my blood is infiltrated with some powerful ancestors; not withstanding, how “wonderfully and fearfully” I am made…God said it…I am made in the Image and likeness of God… Love you too Son I am glad that you see the humour and that you remembered. All those are true and more. But sadly he never said he was sorry for anything, nor I love you.

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Full time Dad 24/7/365 hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
Full time Dad 24/7/365 youth tee
youth tee

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