Fortnite Game Addicted shirt and hoodie

Fortnite Game Addicted shirt
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Let it grow! The new Praise The Tomato Emote is ripe for the picking in the Item Shop now. Stop adding crap that 5 year olds want and fix that bloody game. I’ve had issues for months and I’m slowly losing the will to live and I know I ain’t the only prick that agrees. It’s more broken then when the game started without battle Royale! Fortnite game addicted. Buy this shirt and tell us your feel about that.

Fortnite Game Addicted shirt

People on FB are cancer its because of comments like yours, if u have issues for month and the game is broken, simply stop playing. It may be free, but considering how much money they’ve made off the game you’d think they would make the gameplay better, not worse?

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Fortnite Game Addicted lady shirt
lady shirt

I believe that epic can just fix their crap. I have faith that they will one day fix it to a playable game that takes skill. However I’ll still comment my opinion since it’s my opinion. If that’s saddening to hear for you, then bye. When did I say I didn’t want to see other people’s opinions? I find them funny. Yawn, boring kid calls someone bad at game, I’ve seen this too many times mate. Fortnite game addicted. I don’t think I can adapt to constant lag that many people are getting included people I’ve been playing with. John Rambo cute baby girl.

Fortnite Game Addicted hoodie
Fortnite Game Addicted long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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