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Tormund GOT Milk Game of Thrones shirt


After Jon’s assassination by Ser Alliser and his mutineers, Tormund and the Wildlings are summoned by Edd Tollett to advice abduction them. Jon is after adored by the red priestess Melisandre, and Tormund tells him that some of the Wildlings accept him to be a god. Several canicule later, Jon’s half-sister Sansa Stark arrives at the Wall beat her calumniating bedmate Ramsay Bolton. Tormund GOT Milk Game of Thrones. Tormund becomes bound admiring to Brienne of Tarth and attempts to cloister her, although she doesn’t assume absorbed by his advances. After Ramsay sends a letter to Jon aggressive to abate the Starks and the Wildlings if Sansa is not returned, Tormund accompanies Jon and Sansa in acquisition men to action the Boltons, persuading the Wildlings to action for Jon in acknowledgment for his assistance. Tormund after participates in the Action of the Bastards, killing Lord Smalljon Umber, bitter off his ear in the process. Following the battle, he is amidst those who acknowledge Jon King in the North.Tormund is after present at Mance’s execution, and is visibly afflicted at his friend’s death. He is eventually freed by Jon, whom he accompanies to Hardhome, area he attempts to argue the bounded wildlings to accompany the Night’s Watch in the action adjoin their accepted enemy. As Hardhome is beat by wights, Tormund berserk fights them off and escapes to the boats with Jon. He after passes through the Wall and into the Seven Kingdoms forth with the actual wildlings.

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