Kentucky’s Matt Bevin Nitwit Governor shirt, long sleeve tee, v-neck

Kentucky's Matt Bevin Nitwit Governor shirt
Kentucky's Matt Bevin Nitwit Governor hoodie

Fantastic! You have brought sanity back to theland of my nativity, and just in time! I was worried that it might turn into the swirling horror that Oregon and Washington State have been for so many years. Keep up the good work! Not to mention the incredible conservation efforts in both Washington and Oregon. Kentucky’s Matt Bevin Nitwit Governor. Just so awful. Wonderful article may God have mercy on our country and deliver us from those who would destroy the very fabric of our nation. Beautifully written reminder of who we should be, as Americans. United we stand, divided we fall. Thank you governor. When people stand up for that which is right, irrespective of political leanings, there is always going to be discord and not unity. Actually Jesus was the One who first said this.

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