Happy last day of school shirt, youth tee, sleeveless tee

Happy last day of school shirt

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Happy last day of school shirt

Just had a soul renewing long weekend with my high school girlfriends. A few were missing and they were deeply missed, but I am so incredibly grateful to my girls that came! It was a long trip for most of them and they had to brave customs, airports, flight delays, city traffic and leaving their families just to spend a couple of days with me in USA.

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Happy last day of school guy shirt
guy shirt

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like spending time with women who know the depths of your soul and love you anyway! Some of us have stayed in touch these last 20 something years and some of us have raced off on our paths post high school and lost contact but we have all recently reconnected and the weirdest most beautiful part of that reconnection is how the love, laughter, loyalty, trust and sacredness of what we started 20 years ago hasn’t changed a bit! Maybe we have…just a little…but our sisterhood remains beautifully, profoundly intact and I could not be more inspired by or grateful for these extraordinary women! This quote by Brené Brown means more to me now than ever!


Happy last day of school with our tee!

Happy last day of school sleeveless tee
sleeveless tee
Happy last day of school youth tee
youth tee

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