Hay girl hay heifer shirt, flowy tank and tank unisex

Hay girl hay heifer shirt

Heifers at bar CC are all checked and tagged. We ended up with 15 drys out of 176 replacements- and they were all nicely caught between two heat cycles which should make for a nice tight calving season. To boot it’s also finally raining in Saskatchewan so it was a perfect day to check some ladies under the roof. I’d say it was a pretty good morning! Do you love this shirt? Buy it now.

Hay girl hay heifer shirt

Hay girl hay heifer! Your hoofs could use some tootsie soak.Just saying heifer please….lol. Thanks my cow gal Courtney EM Heuston fast and efficient as usual and everyone got to eat a little shit for breakfast!! So enjoy working with you rain or shine.

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Hay girl hay heifer guy shirt
guy shirt

It is easy to be contemplative in a white stillness. I thought of Apostle Paul’s directive for husbands to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands. This is a challenging word because it goes against natural human wiring. Men are built for respect. Women are fashioned for love. Men struggle with love, often thinking it a weakness. Women mistake love with pity not realizing a man’s inherent need for respect.

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Hay girl hay heifer Premium flowy tank
flowy tank
Hay girl hay heifer tank unisex
tank unisex

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