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Hex and the city


Close to the start of the novel, without his own book, Harry is given an old mixtures reading material loaded up with numerous explanations and suggestions marked by a strange author titled; “the Half-Blood Prince. Hex and the city. ” This book is a wellspring of educational achievement and incredible acknowledgment from their new elixirs ace, Horace Slughorn, but since of the strength of the spells that are written in it, turns into a wellspring of concern.

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With war moving close, Harry takes private exercises with Dumbledore, who shows him different recollections concerning the early existence of Voldemort in a gadget called a Pensieve. Hex and the city. These uncover that so as to protect his life, Voldemort has part his spirit into pieces, used to make a progression of Horcruxes – underhanded charmed things covered up in different areas, one of which was the journal annihilated in the second book.

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