I get us out of Trouble shirt, hooded sweatshirt, sleeveless tee

I get us out of Trouble shirt

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I get us out of Trouble shirt

Well we just got another clue. Apparently it wasn’t a person who was being kept secret, it was a foreign company. We still don’t know what company or what country, but we do know that they have been desperately fighting a subpoena and they are important enough that Mueller wants them kept secret. 

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Today the mystery company lost their appeal. A federal judge just ruled in favor of Mueller that this company must turn over all documents and comply with the grand jury subpoena. Trumpity has not a clue how to lead our country. I get us out of Trouble. He thinks most of us are oblivious to his behavior and that the wall will be paid for by the Mexicans. What a fantasy. The Wall will never be completed. It is time to go to work. Two years have passed us by without nothing but a huge debt. I has to be paid down folks.

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