I hate people camping shirt, v-neck, flowy tank

I hate people camping shirt
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I used to hide the fact that I didn’t like camping from people (especially here in the PNW). I’d get these looks from people like I must be a puppy-eater or something. But this year, I decided to own my loathing of “sleeping” outdoors in tents. I straight up say it with confidence now, “I hate people camping!”

I hate people camping shirt

When I was a kid, I loved reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her adventures on the prairies of Minnesota. I devoured the books and delighted in watching the television series that depicted a cute, bucktoothed girl in braids skipping through life on the banks of Plum Creek. I wanted to be the girl who went fishing after school, and I envied their covered-wagon mode of transportation.

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I hate people camping guy shirt
guy shirt

In any case, here’s the thing: Watching a TV arrangement about a pioneer young lady is a certain something. In reality living like one in the present day, what with aerating and cooling and indoor pipes being a genuine thing now, is absurd. Outdoors is horrendous.

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I hate people camping flowy tank
flowy tank
I hate people camping v-neck

Update… I have a well in my basement and it is now overflowing into the water rising from the floor. I hate people camping. We had previously shut off the breaker to the furnace and have now shut off the hot water heater. So this will be just like camping. (btw I hate camping LOL). Jesus really is the best, but man is he hard to follow. He is here for none of our petty bullcrap. We get to forfeit our shame but we also have to forfeit our enemies and camps. Like Jason said yesterday, take serious stock of what it will cost to follow this teacher before running down the aisle at a Youth For Christ rally screaming that you want to give your whole life to Jesus, because this Jesus life is no joke.

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