Irish Woman The Soul of A Witch shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Irish Woman The Soul of A Witch shirt

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Irish Woman The Soul of A Witch shirt

Tariffs on China now farmers are losing and he wants to bailout for them. Hope you know that we the tax payers get screwed again cause that money comes from us. The high he raises tariffs China does the same lower them they lower theirs and the people win. 

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He wants to shut government cause he can’t get money for his wall which will probably put money in his pocket. Irish Woman The Soul of A Witch. Sit down and talk things out. He is like a baby it’s my way or no way. And our Vice President just sits there like a log. Deep down he knows trump is wrong but to afraid to speak up or he will hear. Trade war is not good , it upset the apple cart. Other trading countries will also be affected of the fall out of the 2 big economies of the world. There will be no winners if recession sets in due to tariffs and trade war. Good day.

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