IT Crowd Douglas Reynholm Father shirt, v-neck, hoodie

IT Crowd Douglas Reynholm Father shirt

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IT Crowd Douglas Reynholm Father shirt

Well passing a tax cut for the uber rich and corporations is about all you have done. Nobody thought you would get anything passed. So i’m very sorry for your loss and all that. Um not sure why i’m here or where I am. But it’s all about me. I’m gonna go grab a woman by the pussy now.

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You have done a lot of good things for people, but you have also done several things that have infuriated me and other animal lovers. IT Crowd Douglas Reynholm Father. WHY have you signed the heinous bills that have taken away protection for wildlife?! Have you decided that our national parks, etc., should be cut down in size and partially destroyed so that developers and rotten hunters can do whatever they want. Bear cubs are even being slaughtered. Protected wolves are being slaughtered. I just saw a horrific picture of a mother fox and her babies.

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