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Here it is! Your first look at the trailer for the new movie “Crazy Rich Asians”! I’ve looked into it. glad to see that the typical “mother in law of rich boyfriend doesn’t approve of poor girl” plot from k-dramas everywhere still holds. If you want it, buy it today.

I’ve looked into it shirt

So good to finally have Asian leads for a mainstream Western movie! This ethnicity is so underrepresented in this category. We need to see more of this being produced.

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Why this movie matters: Asian American representation. The reason Hollywood doesn’t cast Asian / Asian Americans in films is because they believe it doesn’t sell. Full stop. Period. Asians in media affect all things. Job placement, School placement, Marriages, Childhoods etc. E.g. Children are bullied because they are Asian because Asians are misunderstood due to their lack of representation. Asians are perceived as not leadership material in companies because of perception from media. Etc. Happy to share research and expand more etc.

I've looked into it sweater
I've looked into it tank top
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