Jason voorhees supreme shirt, hoodie and tank top

Jason voorhees supreme shirt

To me, Jason is the living embodiment of the death curse, specifically the blind emotional rage passed onto him at the moment of his mother’s death, serving as the engine that drives his only purpose on back on Earth. Do you like him? Buy this shirt now.

Jason voorhees supreme shirt

For 23 years Jason’s body was left unfound at the bottom of Crystal Lake. After the curse brought him back, it grew into what would have been his young adult form. Jason voorhees supreme. Why? The curse needed to give him the power and ability to inflict his revenge.

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Jason voorhees supreme lady shirt
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With all that said, not even Jason truly knows or understands what he is. Mentally, he is still a boy just doing what his mother says. He reverts to a routine of what life meant to him before his death, playing the role of human but never understanding that his skin tissue and vital organs don’t really “work” or mean anything at all. It’s like the faux-living tissue of the terminator, there for show and additional defense, but not much else.

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Over time after multiple massive injuries, and how ever many years buried in the ground, Jason literally had his “human” form torn away eventually revealing him as the undying, supernatural force of vengeance he is. Basically think of Jason in part 2 of a Race car on lap 1 and Part VII as lap 178….with more to go. No matter what you do to Jason, he will come back in some way shape or form to rain down slaughter on anyone who threatens the land around Crystal Lake.

Jason voorhees supreme hoodie
Jason voorhees supreme tank top
tank top

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