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Just Cut It shirt

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Just Cut It shirt

it wouldn’t actually be free, but could easily be written off as a training exercise for both those folks. Might even be a good school graduation project for the schools those folks have to attend after boot camp.

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In fact we need to use our boarders for training, MPs, SPs, APS and infantry units of all branches, special forces training and even Seabee and Marine Corps recon would ben fit from night maneuvers around the boarder, prisoner apprehension and containment would give them experience for deployments else where. Let’s be smart and add actual boarder security by training our military. You’ve never gone without a day in your life, but today there are families doing just that because of you. Just Cut It. May you have a holiday just that much more miserable, than the misery you’ve dealt others. Parents bear full responsibility AND father has said as much publicly. You might want to do some research before spouting false accusations that have long ago been addressed.

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