My purpose in life calls me mom shirt, flowy tank and long sleeve tee

My purpose in life calls me mom shirt
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I love Mom, My Mother lives in my heart. I treasure my memories of her. When close my eyes in a quiet place I can feel the warmth of her love embrace me. I was so privileged to have her as my Mom! Do you love Mom? This shirt is perfect gift for her.

My purpose in life calls me mom shirt

My purpose in life calls me mom. My mother was an immigrant from Italy it was a joy that she was my beloved Mom she taught me how to treat people with kindness and Love life was tough at times but we grew knowing that she was always n back of us she died at the age 63 I will never forget the legacy she left me with always n my heart love forever.

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My purpose in life calls me mom flowy tank
flowy tank

Much appreciated such a great amount for giving us Love and showing us to make the best choice. I particularly Love the way you generally had Christmas for us and continually remaining nearby to God. You and Dad are holy people! miss you both soo Much! I wish that you were still here to see your awesome kids, everyone, You two relinquished everything for your family!! That is the thing that Life is all about.Will particularly be considering you when I hear the tune Silent Night! I cherish my mother more than anything on the planet couldn’t picture and day without her beginning and end’s extraordinary more she’s my children concerning whether my mom she generally contemplates herself nobody ever like her I couldn’t be far from her I know everyone most likely supposes I’m more established than mind.

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My purpose in life calls me mom guy shirt
guy shirt
My purpose in life calls me mom long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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