Nes Blow Me – Nintendo shirt, sweatshirt, tank top

Nes Blow Me - Nintendo shirt
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Hey Nintendo, this could sound a bit controversial to some fans but I do believe that anything can be possible if/when you listen to the fans and some ideas. Since you helped Konami (And a few former Hudson Soft devs) with the development of Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch and since you also have a thing for helping fund and develop games with other developers (Platinum Games with Bayonetta 2). Do you love Nintendo?

Nes Blow Me – Nintendo shirt

Would you ever consider further helping Konami and talking with them about possibly helping them revive many of their other franchises/IP’s and develop brand new games for them exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and future Nintendo systems? Nes Blow Me – Nintendo.

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It’s understandable that Konami has went through some serious hurdles and hit a lot of bumps in the road over the last few years (Not going into details) and so many people can’t seem to let that stuff go already. However, since Super Bomberman R (A revival of a Konami IP that goes back to form of like the early Bomberman games from Super Nintendo) has been well-received and sold really good, I do think that there may be a slight glimmer of hope that there could be some form of redemption for Konami if they were to get help from any well-trusted quality developer like Nintendo and even collaborate with some of the great indie developers.

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Nes Blow Me - Nintendo sweatshirt
Nes Blow Me - Nintendo tank top
tank top

Super Bomberman R is indeed a good start but it’s still a slow process and will take time for them to ever redeem themselves. Many of their other franchises that need to be revived also really need to go back to their true traditional gameplay roots, implement some new ideas and innovations, and have that “Nintendo Level of Quality and Polish”. Also use Unreal Engine 4. There is more to Konami than just Metal Gear (Not a huge fan, but have played some of the games) and PES.

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