Oh Cluck No Chickens shirt, hooded sweatshirt and v-neck

Oh Cluck No Chickens shirt

These school holidays I’m integrating new chickens into my home flock. Oh cluck no chickens. I do this gradually and only supervised. I’m socialising the laced pekins for our program at Community lifestyle support. I love my chickens they make my heart happy. If you too, then this shirt is perfect for you.

Oh Cluck No Chickens shirt

We absolutely love the Aussie brand Backyard Chicken Coops ,we have two fences and use them all the time. We are hoping to purchase a few more for our chicken care launch in September, we will be visiting age care facilities, schools and people who are home bound.

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Oh Cluck No Chickens guy shirt
guy shirt

You are obviously doing a wonderful job with your new friends l hope that they behave for you and settle in with your friends you really are an inspiration to everyone and you have the most beautiful heart. I haven’t had any of my chickens jump it, we use it to keep them off our veranda. Oh cluck no chickens. Thank you, I wish people in the world got on like my chicken flock .I have 8 at the community coop and 15 at home, they are all very special to me.

Oh Cluck No Chickens hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
Oh Cluck No Chickens v-neck

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