Oh cluck no Chicken shirt, v-neck and youth tee

Oh cluck no chicken shirt

If I had a tough day, the chickens would come to me and make me happy. Oh cluck no Chicken. Ok, so this story may be about chickens instead of horses, but it was too sweet not to share. We love therapy animals of all shapes, sizes, and barnyard noises. Buy this shirt now if you love Chicken.

Oh cluck no Chicken shirt

So what an awesome night I had… For those of you that know me know I’m a very complex man you might not know what’s helped make me this way in high school and the rest of my life up till now, I attempted to learn saxophone piano gymnastics football soccer.

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Oh cluck no chicken lady shirt
lady shirt

I was into drugs I was a farm boy sold squash corn eggs had 30 chickens, bailed hay grow vegetables took care of animals, I was a lunch lady I’ve worked in factories and I’ve done almost every type of construction work there is ending now in concrete one of the hardest, all these things combined helped make me the person I am and I’m proud of that. Oh cluck no Chicken. It’s helped me be knowledgeable and more open to so much of the world so here it is and here I am…and I love this guy thanks Brian Heather so be you do what makes you happy and learn from it all.

Oh cluck no chicken v-neck
Oh cluck no chicken youth tee
youth tee

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