The Peanuts Permit Patty shirt and v-neck

The Peanuts Permit Patty shirt

911 audio tape: A San Francisco woman whom the internet nicknamed “Permit Patty” lied when she said that she only pretended to call police on an 8-year-old-girl selling bottled water without a permit in front of her house. KTVU has obtained the 911 call in which Ettel is caught on tape. The Peanuts Permit Patty. Buy this shirt now if you love it.

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The Peanuts Permit Patty shirt

Hey permit patty: I saw your interview and you came across as the victim. And not only did you harass a child but you tied up 911 for which you should be fined! Everyone knows if it’s not life threatening you don’t call 911 you look up the number for the SFPD, wasting tax payer’s dollars!

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The Peanuts Permit Patty lady shirt (style 2)
lady shirt (style 2)
The Peanuts Permit Patty lady shirt (style 1)
lady shirt (style 1)

Lilly Pecas little kids in my neighborhood try to sell their lemonade and for the couple of hours they are yelling lemonade I would never think of calling 911. Of course not. They are trying to be productive instead of bullying someone like Permit Patty or get involved in any kind of bad behavior. I applaud that. God I wish that people could be fined for wasting tax payers dollars calling 911. The Peanuts Permit Patty. Talk to a dispatcher….people call all the time for stupid, non-emergency things….like noise disturbances.

The Peanuts Permit Patty lady v-neck (style 1)
lady v-neck (style 1)
The Peanuts Permit Patty guy v-neck (style 2)
guy v-neck (style 2)

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