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The Peanuts Permit Patty shirt
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Patty lacks Permit? The Peanuts Permit Patty. In a new interview, Alison Ettel, aka Permit Patty, said she denies her decision to call the police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water was racially motivated. Even more Stupid to pretend to call police trying to intimidate a little girl- she lost her job over it. She brought what followed upon herself. If you want this shirt, order now.

The Peanuts Permit Patty shirt

If “Permit Patty” did not call the police, then her actions toward the eight-year old is clearly harassment a misdemeanor. Should it be shown that her actions were racially motivated, the charges could be elevated to a hate crime.

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lady shirt (style 1)

She went live on the news and said she lied about calling police that’s what I’m saying- this article is saying she lied about not calling the cops. As you point out is on 911 transcript. If she wanted to actually get the information on permits, she shouldn’t have tied up 911. The Peanuts Permit Patty. She could have called the city mayor’s office or even googled it. She should be fined for wasting valuable resources on a bogus 911 call.I don’t know, I wouldn’t do this to a child, but come on, really, this woman loses her job over this stupid little act and we have people ruining (I mean running) our country committing much more heinous acts against everyone and everything on the planet. Please spend your time paying attention to the real world!

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guy shirt (style 3)

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