Powered by bitchdust shirt and sweater

Powered by bitchdust shirt

These are so cute and if most of us would admit, spot on. Sorry if this offends anyone. Do you love this shirt? Or you know someone like that, then this shirt is perfect for you. Great gift for women  and men, they will love it. Buy it now before lose it forever.

Powered by bitchdust shirt

Just seen a car with a ‘Powered By Bitchdust’ sticker on the back. Powered by bitchdust. Firstly, there’s no such thing – fairydust, stardust yes… bitchdust, no. Secondly, why would you be proud of being a nasty f*cker? Lol.

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Powered by bitchdust guy shirt
guy shirt

It’s a bit like a Lee Mack DVD I watched, where he saw a woman in the audience wearing a t shirt with a “crack whore” slogan on the front! I don’t get it at all. Why? It’s like those eyelashes you can buy for your car headlights….just, why would anyone think “I know, I’ll buy some false eyelashes for my car.I think Martha would too! Kids are forgiven for wanting daft stuff like that. Now adults..thats another story . I think there is such a thing, pretty sure I bought some off a bloke in Nottingham once. ur black and pink cup on your Estsy shop. I think it is called Cosmic. Can you do it with the words.

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Powered by bitchdust sweatshirt
Powered by bitchdust lady v-neck
lady v-neck

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