Preacher Powerful AF shirt, long sleeved, hoodie

Preacher Powerful AF shirt

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Preacher Powerful AF shirt

Your behavior at this funeral was a disgrace and an embarrassment. Mind you George H W Bush was very public about his dislike for you. You also got implicated in multiple felonies but your own justice department. Excellent week.

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Judging by the cheers from all the people at the Army Navy I am guess there were not a lot of democrats in attendance. Preacher Powerful AF. To all the people commenting hate, suffering from TDS they have medication for you now. Get help. We found out what most reasonable [people already knew that 41 was a great american from birth to death with a few flaws but the shallow headed media and Liberals will never know what it means to be true patriots. I am sorry for the Bush family who are grieving his loss but H.W. Bush was a globalist and that is something we do not need and that is the mindset of the UN. We need to get out of the United Nations. They are nothing but trouble because they take the Socialist stand and they go against everything that this country was built on by our founding fathers.

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