I’m Retired Reading books is my job shirt, sleeveless tee, v-neck

I'm Retired Reading books is my job shirt

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I’m Retired Reading books is my job shirt

I wish we could throw these two jerk offs named nancy and chuck to a pit of starved lions to rip their heads off and devour them! And the government is getting worse if the only solution they have is to take away government funds from the elderly and our Veterans pay!

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Somebody, somewhere is stirring this pot. I’m Retired Reading books is my job. These numbers are indicative of a chronic condition that will only get worse. The solution can only be achieved through cooperation of all parties involved . Men, Women and children are placing themselves in harms way when they attempt to enter this country using this do-or-die approach. In my experience you always look to the origin to find the cause and the cure. Wait are they in the house? Or senate? Because I though the house has to go threw the senate to pass anything? We won the senate. I’m so confused can a fellow supporter please fill me in please.

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