Sick and Tide of these hoes shirt, hoodie

Sick and Tide of these hoes shirt

When someone says, women are the weaker vessel he wasn’t saying they were weak as in always needing help, frail or damaged. He was saying, they were to be treated with respect and handled like Fine China. High quality with more style and color vaerity that you choose. Order on Tashirts now.

Sick and Tide of these hoes shirt

Do you know the value of Fine China? I see so many young ladies calling themselves names that are far fom what they are called to be. Sick and Tide of these hoes. They are treasures… Women, young ladies you are Fine China respect and value yourself. True story .

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Sick and Tide of these hoes guy shirt
guy shirt

We were in a T- Shirt store and there was a shirt that said ” I’m sick and TIDE of these hoes”. So the owner saw me looking and he said, somebody needs to wear that shirt . I said I don’t think I could preach with that on in the pulpit. He began to tell me that he was tired of seeing young girls and ladies belittle themselves and call themselves h??? He said I hear them talk to each other like that all the time. He said, where is the respect for themselves? Again as the church let’s not miss opportunities to reach and teach these young girls and young ladies because we are throwing religion at them. Ok enough for now, but I’ll post the rest later.

Sick and Tide of these hoes sweatshirt
Sick and Tide of these hoes hoodie

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