Let’s start a Cult shirt and hoodie

Let's start a Cult shirt

Dara Burrows had joined a cult. Let’s start a cult. But not just any cult. The 18 year old had become a follower of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and started wearing Bhagwan’s photo around her neck. Over the next few years, Dara and thousands like her would travel to rural Oregon with Rajneesh, and build a sprawling commune in his name. The lure of the cult would fracture Dara’s already fragile family, and even now, some 33 years after I first met them, they are still healing. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Let’s start a Cult shirt

Kendra Ross’s human trafficking story started when she was 11. At 12, she was moved from her mother’s home into a household of female members of the cult. At 15, she was taken out of school and assigned to work in a diner. By 16 she was shipped off to Georgia to serve in a home used by the cult’s founder.

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You guys are clueless about this guy, atlest read up before judging him…show one guy who was held against his choice nobody they went and left in their own free will. Let’s start a cult. The whole thing about cults is that you are not forced. No cults force. They suck you in with fine each words and kindness.

Let's start a Cult hoodie
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