Sunflower autism awareness shirt, v-neck, youth tee

Sunflower autism awareness shirt

Every year I would visit the school and talk to class about autism. Sunflower autism awareness. I gave the kids the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about autism. I think building true awareness and acceptance starts when the kids are young. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Sunflower autism awareness shirt

I am so proud of Pj’s classmates. They all go out of their way to make sure her days at school are full of love, understanding, and acceptance. They make sure she never sits alone at lunch. Be the parents who raise children to care about that child who talks differently, who signs, who covers their ears for loud noises. Be the parent raising children who know what empathy means. Be the parent raising children that never allow their classmate to feel alone.

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Sunflower autism awareness guy shirt
guy shirt

Autism Awareness shirt. All I ask of you is that you research it ask questions become more aware don’t just pop a post up or scroll past Autism is not an illness it’s a part of you understand it take the time to learn more it will make you a better person I promise. To my boy! I love you more than life I am so proud of you you teach me new things every day I am so lucky to be your mummy. Sunflower autism awareness. I love your humour I love your empathy I love how much you care and cherish your friends i am proud of how hard you work at school how you want to learn and how you let nothing get in your way most of all I’m so proud you’re mine you bring me so much joy we are always by your side you can be anything you want to be dream big and know me and Dad have got your back love you to the moon and stars.

Sunflower autism awareness v-neck
Sunflower autism awareness youth tee
youth tee

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