Supreme pizza shirt, sweater, tank unisex

Supreme pizza shirt
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I’ve been reading comments and now I know I’m not crazy. There definitely is something different about the sauce. It’s not just me. We eat your pizza at least once a week but lately have noticed a bad after taste. It’s as if you’ve added a new spice. If you love pizza, then this shirt for you.

Supreme pizza shirt

I’ve been pretty sad with the quality lately. Worse plastic keeping fresh, looks smaller, still usually 8.50 a pizza at brookshires for worse. Bums me out. Supreme pizza. We haven’t made any changes to our pizza, but we’ll share your feedback with our team.

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Supreme pizza lady shirt
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What vegetarian options do you have? I saw someone say stuffed crust. Is there a meatless one of those I can look for? First and last time for DiGiorno pizza. The amount of toppings on the picture of one slice on the box equals the amount on the entire pizza inside the Box! Looks like it’s back to totinos. Did you change the sauce used in the recipe? The last few pizzas I’ve bought have had a weird after taste and I didn’t like it. I used to love digiornos but it feels like the taste changed.

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Supreme pizza sweater

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