The baby made me eat it shirt, flowy tank, crewneck sweatshirt

The baby made me eat it shirt
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The baby made me eat it. Never apologize for setting healthy boundaries even at the risk of disappointing others. Your comfort comes first. Great gift for pregnant women,do you love it? Order on Tashirts now before lose it forever.

The baby made me eat it shirt

My family has the honor of dog sitting the BEST lil dog for my friend from work!! We got this lil guy for a few weeks and couldn’t be happier about it!! Still can’t figure out if I have baby fever or puppy fever, but this will work for now lol!.. Oh and Jacob is clearly in love with sonny boy if you can’t tell lol.

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The baby made me eat it flowy tank
flowy tank

Personal story’s, moments in our lives, the things that matter, all in one photo! This is me and my boy 9 years ago. I never printed this picture, I had too many insecurity’s about me, I don’t like my top, I have baby weight, my hair isn’t done, I was feeling crappy, didn’t print just because I didn’t like me! But now when I look at it, im a bit braver, I see my boy two days old, how little and precious he is, I see love, I see protection. This picture makes me happy to look back on, I see a mummy loving the bones of her new found love.

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The baby made me eat it v-neck
The baby made me eat it crewneck sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt


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