The Peanuts Lemonade snitch shirt and hoodie

The Peanuts Lemonade snitch shirt
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This woman called the police on a Black family for having a BBQ. Listen people. The Peanuts Lemonade snitch. This shit happens a lot now. Why can’t we pass laws that say if you are going to call the police for no good reason, you get the fine! I’m sick of this. Do you love this shirt? Order today before we sell out.

The Peanuts Lemonade snitch shirt

Hell, I always thought there were laws against filing false reports with the police. Make/file a false report/claim, get a fine at the very least. Oh, and get read the riot act by a very unhappy cop for doing so.

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I just said the same thing earlier myself they should stay if you call us for something as trivial as this, you will go to jail I bet they quit calling for anything now. Obviously whatever fine that exists means squat because it happens all the time like all the time. The Peanuts Lemonade snitch. And then they can do it anonymously. That’s a bad idea, since there’s some racist cops out there, they’d be giving people fines for no reason. It doesn’t happen any more now than it has for the past 50 years, people are just emboldened to finally share it now, as they should be.

The Peanuts Lemonade snitch hoodie
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