These Hands Rated E for Everyone shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

These Hands Rated E for Everyone shirt

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These Hands Rated E for Everyone shirt

I’m so sorry you have had to stay over this serious immigration crisis that the Democrats are doing nothing about! May we all find some peace this Christmas evening, and a miracle under the tree tomorrow.

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Constitutional Republic Helpers. Thank you Jesus and our Creator. And for those who don’t know why you are here, We are here to live, love, learn, progress and to teach the next generations, in hopes that each generation will be smarter than the last. These Hands Rated E for Everyone. Also, Islamic followers are the danger to the world. God bless you United states of America. Happy merry Christmas to all American and entire Great specefull earth.God bless you Mr.& Mrs.president.wish you happy Merry Christmas to Mr.&Mrs.president and entire Great family. Merry Christmas to entire world from Indian Government. Thank you all. Happy New Year. Hopefully the indictments for all the deep state actors start rolling out after the first of the year.

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